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What is included in a standard home inspection?

At Smart House Consultants, LLC your inspection will include a visual inspection of the systems and accessible elements of the property typically including the Electrical Systems, Foundation, Roofing, Attics, Plumbing Systems, Interior, Major Appliances, Sprinklers, Exteriors, Drainage, Doors and Windows, Heating and Cooling systems, Ventilation, and Fireplaces.

There are optional services available including pipeline camera scopes of ductwork or sewer lines and thermal imaging services for detecting problems with pipe leaks and insulation.

Whole House Inspection (for buyers)
and Pre-sell Whole House Inspections and
consultations (for sellers)

A complete visual inspection of the property including structural, plumbing, electrical, roofing, grounds and drainage components as well as appliances, windows, heating and cooling units, and documentation of the repairs needed. A summary of items, and a complete computer generated report is reviewed, printed and e-mailed from the inspection site prior to the inspector leaving the property.

New House Inspection with punch list
(Thermal imaging optional)

This is the same comprehensive inspection as a Whole House Inspection with cosmetic items and some code compliance items included. Insulation properties can be best addressed by the optional thermal imaging evaluation for the entire property, specifically the envelope of the house, and attic areas.

Ductwork Camera Scope

A flexible pipeline camera that gives a running video of the ductwork. This can help identify blockages, excess corrosion and collapsing ductwork. It can find termite tubes, and mold issues, and standing water including the plenum of the furnace. There is a Color DVD video provided upon completion of the camera scope with recommendations for repair if any are needed.

Ductwork Camera Scope Sample Photos

Ductwork Camera Scope Sample Video

Sewer line Camera Scope

A similar process to camera scopes of ductwork with the emphasis on discovering blockages and breaks in the sewer line.

Sewer Line Camera Scope Sample Video

Thermal Image

Thermal Imaging Solutions

The most advanced process to date for identifying a multitude of never before addressed issues. There are options for evaluations of electrical systems looking for significant overloading of circuits, weak connections, fatigued electrical components, and weak connections. Thermal imaging can help with discovering leaks that are behind walls and ceilings that have as of yet to produce visual signs of moisture (this can help prevent mold issues from arising). Thermal imaging can address insulation deficiencies, and gaps. It can help discover disconnected ductwork in attics that may not be seen by the human eye.

Thermal Imaging Sample Photos

Home Investigative Services

Do you ever have unexplained sounds, or smells? Do you ever wonder if something is working like it should be? Have you ever had spikes in energy bills that couldn’t be attributed to a rate hike? Is one room colder than the other by a noticeable amount? These questions and more could be investigated and professionally answered by one of our licensed inspectors to help your peace of mind. We can give you advice on how to go about repairing the item, or direct you to the best type of professional to address your issue.

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HERS Rater

Smart House Consultants, LLC is a proud ENERGY STAR partner. With this we work with home builders to build and certify ENERGY STAR Homes. More information on ENERGY STAR can be found at the ENERGY STAR web site (

This process begins at the plan (blueprint) stage through completion of the structure.

  1. Plan analysis
  2. (First Inspection) Framing/Insulation Inspection
  3. (Final Inspection) Blower Door Test and Duct Blaster Test. The Blower door verifies that the envelope of the structure meets requirements set by ENERGY STAR for air infiltration (House air leakage or Air exchange per hour); The Duct blaster verifies HVAC system air leakage per ENERGY STAR requirements. This verifies that the duct system is not blowing or sucking air into/from the attic, etc.

A HERS Rater is a 3rd party who verifies/certifies that a home meets ENERGY STAR Requirements. Having a certified rater allows the builder to build an ENERGY STAR home and receive tax rebates.

Builder Information on ENERGY STAR